OCELL — Data-Powered Forest Management for Local Climate Projects

Tech Due Diligence on Forest Technology Startup

OCELL is building an operating system of sustainable forestry. By leveraging the data collected through their Dynamic Forest software, they want to create high-quality carbon credits to protect our forests. They secured a seed funding round of $5 million with investors AENU and Summiteer as well as business angels Maximilian Thaler, Max Viessmann, and Boscor. Philipps & Byrne supported the deal by doing the Product and Tech Due Diligence.

  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Business Context: Forest Management
  • Tech Landscape: Climate Tech
  • Round: $5 Million Seed Funding


Tech Due Diligence on Forest Management Startup

OCELL leverages aerial photography and AI to provide companies with locally-based climate initiatives that are characterized by transparency, measurability, and effectiveness. They’ve introduced an operational system named “Dynamic Forest” designed for Data-Driven Forestry. OCELL’s approach involves the creation of digital twins of forests, establishing a robust foundation for the transparent measurement, reporting, and verification of climate projects.

In the Product and Tech Due Diligence, we did a comprehensive evaluation, encompassing an in-depth assessment of OCELL’s tech setup. This assessment covered various aspects, including the examination of the tech team, research and development activities, as well as the product and technical roadmap. The Tech DD also covered processes, architecture, infrastructure, and the evaluation of software and hardware systems.

OCELL is a Munich-based climate-tech startup that offers data-driven, high-quality carbon credits to support local landowners. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of forests and make a significant contribution to climate mitigation. To achieve this, we use aerial photographs, data from various sources, and artificial intelligence to create ‘digital twins’ of forests. These provide valuable insights into forest growth, current carbon storage capacity, and enable us to predict optimal forest management strategies. With our state-of-the-art technology and unwavering commitment to data transparency, we ensure the effectiveness of our solutions.
Visit: www.ocell.io

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