Tech Due Diligence

Tech Due Diligence

Get Insights. Add Value. Manage Risk.

We truly believe that Tech Due Diligence is a great opportunity to provide value to all parties involved!

Done right, it can deliver insights not only on potential risks but also identify great opportunities for growth for the target. It is the most valuable and thorough feedback a company can get. The findings can be used as input for the strategic roadmap and can function as a conversation starter between founders and investors in order to align on topics around Product and Tech.

We specialise in Tech Due Diligence and technology audits always providing this added value. Promise!

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, we operate world-wide, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America.
We perform Tech Due Diligence with our 360 approach, which is a combination of data analysis, senior expertise and contextual knowledge. With over 20 years experience working with hundreds of startups and investors worldwide, it’s clear for us what it takes to succeed.

We provide:

  • Tech Due Diligence for Venture Capital
  • Health Checks for Startups and Scale-Ups
  • M&A TechDD services for buyers and sellers

We rely on our trusted framework with data insights and patterns collected from hundreds of transactions, plus the battle-tested expertise from people who live and breathe the startup world.
We aim to establish a new industry standard for Tech Due Diligence, particularly for startups.