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Legal Tech Startup raises Series A – Philipps & Byrne Support Deal with Tech DD

Henchman raised a $7 million Series A led by Adjacent VC and Acton Capital as well as Conviction VC and several business angels, including the Collibra, Showpad founders, VLAIO – Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, F3 Finance and Pitchdrive. The Tech DD was provided by Philipps & Byrne.

Henchman enables legal professionals to draft and negotiate complex contracts faster by automatically extracting previously written clauses from their existing contract database.

Tech DD at Impossible Cloud – The First Web3-Based Cloud Storage Solution

HV Capital led a €7m seed round at Impossible Cloud, alongside 1kx, Protocol Labs, TS Ventures and very early Ventures. Philipps & Byrne provided the Product and Tech Due diligence ahead of this deal. Impossible Cloud is the first enterprise-grade cloud storage solution based on web3 technology.

Healthtech Company DrDoctor Secures £10m Investment – Philipps & Byrne Provides Tech DD

British Healthtech Company DrDoctor has secured £10 million in funding, led by YFM Equity Partners, alongside Ananda Impact Ventures and 24Haymarket. Philipps supported the investments as tech advisory partner by conducting the product and technology due diligence. DrDoctor’s platform empowers clinicians to make data-driven decisions and enables millions of patients to self-book appointments.

Merger of Habyt and Common Creates Industry Leader in Shared-Apartment Business – M&A TechDD Provided by Philipps & Byrne

Philipps & Byrne was entrusted with conducting the Tech Due Diligence ahead of the merger of Shared-Apartment Companies Habyt and Common. With over 40 cities and 14 countries across 3 continents, Habyt and Common will jointly operate over 30,000 units including co-living, studios, and traditional rental apartments, becoming the industry leader.

Habyt develops and manages community-driven and technologically empowered co-living spaces. Common is a global residential manager offering shared apartments for thousands of residents across coliving, microunits, and traditional apartments.

Fortino Capital Concludes Private Equity Investment in Symbioworld – Philipps & Byrne Provides Tech Due Diligence

With Symbioworld, Fortino Capital concludes their first Growth Private Equity Investment in Germany. Philipps & Byrne conducted the tech due diligence during this PE deal. Symbioworld is a leading software company based in Munich, which has set itself the goal of actively and professionally managing and optimizing the business processes of its customers.

Philipps & Byrnes Supports €1.2 Mio Pre-Seed Round on Voxalyze

Voxalyze raised €1.2 Mio in a pre-seed funding round with Capnamic and seed + speed Ventures. Philipps supported the investments as tech advisory partner by conducting the product and technology due diligence.

Voxalyze is the first Podcast Visibility Analytics solution, powering search engine optimization for podcasts on platforms. They aim to help audio content creators meet and increase their audience with data and insights.

Responsive AI Platform Provider QuantPi Assessed by Philipps & Byrne Ahead of €2.5 Mio Funding

QuantPi raised a €2.5 Mio funding round with Capnamic alongside First Momentum Ventures, New Forge, and Ash Fontana.

We worked with the team as tech advisory partners for the product and technology due diligence ahead of this round.

The QuantPi platform helps eliminate the uncertainty that surrounds delivering AI systems by bringing quality control to every step of the development process. Enterprises can ensure that legal, commercial, and reputational risks related to their AI solutions are identified, assessed, and mitigated.

AI Platform for B2B Commerce Transaction: Tech Due Diligence on Workist

Workist raised a €9 Mio Series A led by Earlybird Venture Capital.

Philipps & Byrne was on board as tech advisory partner for the product and technology due diligence ahead of this round.

Workist automates B2B transactions around the world to end manual document processing.

€12 Mio Funding to Scale AI Platform: Philipps & Byrne Conducts TechDD on Klaus Ahead of Series A Round

Klaus raised €12M Series A to scale their AI platform, transforming customer support. Philipps & Byrne conducted the Product and Technology Due Diligence ahead of the funding round.

The Series A round of equity funding is led by Acton Capital. Joining the round were previous investors, CREANDUM, and Global Founders Capital.

Companies use Klaus’ customer service quality management platform to run an effective QA process, coach agents and boost customer retention.

TechDD on Digital Marketplace Startup Timberhub Ahead of €5.8 Mio Funding Round

Timberhub secured €5.8m in funding, aiming to establish wood as the building material of the 21st century and to drive decarbonization.

Philipps & Byrne provided the Product and Technology Due Diligence ahead of the round, which was led by HV Capital and CREANDUM alongside support from existing investors Speedinvest and the sennder founders.

Timberhub wants to redefine timber trading by building the largest digital marketplace that actively connects buyers and sellers internationally.

Instant Commerce Raises €5.4 Mio – Philipps & Byrne Provides Tech Due Diligence

Instant Commerce raised a €5.4M seed funding round led by our client HV Capital, alongside Hearst Ventures and firstminute capital. Philipps & Byrne worked with the team as tech advisory partner for the product and technology due diligence ahead of the round.

Instant Commerce is a storefront builder for headless commerce that enables eCommerce brands to build superior online shopping experiences, fast and easy, with best-in-class technology.

Seed TechDD on Decision Intelligence Startup Paretos Ahead of €10 Mio Round

SaaS startup for decision intelligence paretos extends their seed round to €10 Mio Euro. Investors include UVC Partners, LEA Partners GmbH, Fabian Strüngmann, Interface Capital with Niklas Jansen and Christian Reber, Hannes Ametsreiter, and others. Philipps & Byrne supported the deal by conducting the product and technology due diligence.

Paretos is an AI-based decision intelligence platform for effective, data-driven decision processes. It enables companies to quickly and reliably analyze complex data, generate optimized forecasts and decision proposals, and derive target-oriented measures – thanks to a clear no-code user interface and simple integration solutions, even without any prior data science knowledge.

TechDD Ahead of Series A Round: Skribble Secures CHF 10 Mio With Action Capital

Together with VI Partners, btov Partners, Die Mobiliar, Helvetia Venture Fund and Zürcher Kantonalbank, Acton Capital invested in Zurich-based startup Skribble in a CHF 10 Mio Series A. Philipps & Byrne contributed to this successful round by conducting the product and technology due diligence.

By offering a secure digital signature process that caters to legal written form requirements, Skribble today already serves 3000+ clients in more than 30 countries and plans to expand its services across Europe.

Product and Tech DD Ahead of €34 Mio Round on Digital Health Insurer Ottonova

Ottonova secured a capital increase of €34 Mio with Cadence Growth Capital as lead investor, together with existing investors HV Capital, Tengelmann Twenty-One KG, btov Partners, Earlybird Venture Capital and Vorwerk Ventures.

As we have audited Ottonova before and supported their growth journey for some time, we were entrusted once again with conducting the product and technology due diligence ahead of this funding round.

Ottonova is a digital health insurance company that wants to make the complex topic of health insurance and healthcare simple and transparent.

Tech and Product Due Diligence on Care Startup Marta Ahead of Funding Round With Capnamic

Marta secured funding from Venture Capital firm Capnamic. Philipps & Byrne provided the product and tech due diligence ahead of this funding round.

Marta offers a marketplace for families, people in need of care and European caregivers. They are working on building software solutions to connect caregivers with families all over Europe and to accompany them during the care. They are pursuing the goal of doing better through their software solutions and fundamentally rebuilding the market of “24-hour” care.

Philipps & Byrne Provides Tech Due Diligence on Lumiform Ahead of €6.4M Round

Lumiform raised €6.4m in a Series A round led by Capnamic.

Lumiform offers an out-of-the-box application that helps businesses automate the workflows of their deskless workforce across all industries.

Philipps & Byrne supported the investment by providing the technology and product due diligence.

Early Stage TechDD: Seatti Raised Seed Round With Acton Capital

Seatti raised a seed round with Acton Capital. Philipps & Byrne was entrusted to provide the technology and product due diligence ahead of the funding round.

Seatti aims to enable every company and individual to work hybrid effortlessly. With Seatti’s MS-Teams and Azure-AD integrated solution, users can book shared desks, meeting rooms, parking and more. Users can also share their work locations with each other, see who is nearby and meet up.

Tech Due Diligence Ahead of M&A: HomeToGo Successfully Acquires SECRA Bookings Gmbh

HomeToGo successfully acquired SECRA Bookings GmbH. Ahead of the acquisitions, Philipps & Byrne was requested by HomeToGo to assess SECRA from a tech and product perspective, to ensure compatibility and get an expert evaluation for the investment decision.

HomeToGo is the marketplace with the world’s largest selection of vacation rentals, listing millions of offers from thousands of trusted partners, including, Vrbo and TripAdvisor.

SECRA Bookings GmbH offers modules and products to professionalize the online marketing of vacation accommodations for more reach, more bookings, and more guests.

TechDD on IoT Platform: Equipment-as-a-Service Provider Synctive Secures Investment from Capnamic

Synctive got Capnamic on board as an investor to move forward on offering new possibilities in the mechanical engineering industry.

As we are always excited about IoT and engineering, we were a good fit to support the deal by providing the product and technology due diligence.

Synctive enables machinery manufacturers to launch and scale their equipment-as-a-service business model. Synctive is the all-in-one management software designed for successful machine-as-a-service business models.

Technology Due Diligence on Nature Intelligence Startup NatureMetrics Ahead of £12 Round Co-led by Ananda Impact Ventures

UK-based nature intelligence company NatureMetrics closed a £12 round co-led by Ananda Impact Ventures as well as 2150, SWEN Capital Partners and BNP Paribas’ Solar Impulse Fund with follow-on from Systemiq Capital.

Philipps & Byrne was part of this journey as partners for the technology and product due diligence, building on our expertise in climate and sustainability tech.

NatureMetrics brings the power of genetics to frontline ecology. They use eDNA analysis to monitor biodiversity and measure natural capital in the environment by uncovering multiple species from complex environmental samples in low-cost and repeatable ways.

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Cloud Collaboration Governance: Philipps & Byrne Provides TechDD Ahead of 4 Mio US$ Funding Round on Rencore

Rencore raised 4 million US$ in a series A funding round led by venture capital investor Capnamic. We supported the investment by providing the technology and product due diligence – not only as audit experts for SaaS, but also on regulatory compliance and governance.

Rencore is a B2B software company providing solutions essential for staying in control of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Azure, and the Power Platform. Their customers rely on Rencore tools to simplify, automate and speed up their everyday governance, risk, and compliance challenges.

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